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For over twenty years CD Project sàrl has been committed to spreading the concept of safety by offering products with an affordable price, high durability, immediate functionality and simple and intuitive installation.

Media and public have constantly rewarded us with their interest, encouraging us to perfect over the years, with small but significant steps, our products and the logistics related to their distribution.

Le Nouvelliste 12-1984

Le Nouvelliste 05-1985

L’Illustré 10-1996

Journal de Sierre 10-1996

L’illustré 1997

Bpa actuel 03-1997

Bilan Valais 02-1999

Le Matin Suisse 7-2003

Giornale Eicma 2003

Le Nouvelliste 06-2005

Cycling Plus 10-2005

Le Nouvelliste 12-2012

TCS 05-2017

TCS 05-2017

aktiv Radfahren 01-2020

ElektroRad 01-2020

You & Sprintech

Any contribution that documents the experience “on the road” with Sprintech® mirrors is very important, because it offers an essential help in the constant search for quality.

Upload the pictures of your bike(s)
equipped with Sprintech mirrors

In this area you can insert images and videos of your everyday life with your bicycle and Sprintech® mirrors.

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