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CD Project sàrl operates mainly in countries where the bicycle is not only extensively widespread, but has the same status and the same dignity as more bulky (and potentially aggressive) vehicles.
But we certainly do not underestimate the markets where bicycle infrastructures such as cycle paths, dedicated parking spaces, etc. are not yet so common and where, precisely for this reason, the safety level gap requires more effort to be filled.

Our mirrors are offered at a price level compatible with the possibilities of those who live in less wealthy countries, thus resulting very competitive in richer markets, where our quality/price ratio is considered absolutely unmatched.
We therefore ask our partners in the most “fortunate” countries an effort to support us in our policy of containing prices to the public, giving up even higher margins than those guaranteed by our decidedly low b2b prices.

From the very beginning, our pricing policy had two main goals:

To recommend a retail price to the public that is the same all over the world.

To make our products accessible to the highest possible number of potential users.