About us

CD Project sàrl was founded in 1996 in Sierre, in the Swiss canton of Valais, where still today are located its registered office and the design, purchasing and logistics departments.

The founder, Carlo Dondo, is Italian. Born in Villadossola, in that part of Piedmont between Lake Maggiore and the Swiss border at the Simplon pass, he moved to Switzerland in the early sixties, tenaciously pursuing a difficult squaring of the circle: assimilating all the good this country was able to give, in terms of organization and social stability, without distorting its Italian creativity and industriousness by an ounce.

All suppliers of Sprintech components are located in Europe, which means that they follow European manufacturing standards also in terms of environmental impact and worker protection regulations.

Moreover, they can be reached in less than 4 hours of road trip with our own vehicles, thus avoiding any problem with ships, aircrafts or freight forwarders.

All Sprintech rear view mirror components are produced in Europe, and then transported to Switzerland for final assembly, storage and shipping. The marketing and sales department is based in Italy, just outside Milan.